New in Solehpolysas Software

Update My software collection :

Here the list :
  1. Yahoo Messenger Offline installer.(version 9.0 beta) Click here to download
Why offline? it's made you more easily to install YM. No need to get connection with internet to install it. Very easy. Soleh just want to help you.

2. Ares P2P file sharing. Click here to download
I recommend to all blogger to install it. Because with Ares, you can find (Mp3,Movie,Software and document). It is very easy to use and it will make you life in internet more easily. Just 4 step to use it :

  1. open the Ares app.
  2. After Ares connect to the internet, click search menu.
  3. Type what you want such as (Mp3 or Movie or Software)
  4. after Ares find the file, double click at the file, now Ares will download it to your hard disk.
Hope you enjoy it.

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