Show YM Status

The advantage of showing Yahoo Messenger status on your blog is your visittors can talk or ask something to you directly via YM, it will make your relationship with your visitor to be more tighly. Ok lets begin.

If you’re oflfline, it will display image like this:

And if you’re online, it will display icon like this:

It’s very simple to create it. You just copy the code below and put it on your "Page Element" or sidebar.

<a href="ymsgr:sendIM?solehpolysas"> <img src=";m=g&amp;t=2&amp;l=us"/>

Change the red text (solehpolysas) with your YM id.
Look at the green number "2", you can change it. What the result of doing this? you will different image/icon as your YM status.

You must try it !!!! SoLeHp0LYsAs


  1. mane nak dapt side bar tu? xjumpe ponn

  2. side bar yang dimaksudkan diatas ialah di page Element, login ke bloger, then klik Layout, then klik page element, klik add gadget or add page element yang ada di side bar(sebelah blog post) ni dah detail dah ni, xtau jugak ker??

  3. byk tutorial dalam blog ni..trimas..


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